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Breaking In The Forty-Something Near Virgin

Once there was a 19 year old boy who married a woman eighteen years older than him. When the boy was a 47 year old man working on an oil rig, his wife was 65 and he’d only ever slept with ONE woman.

I decided to be the second woman he slept with and the deed took place in a cramped caravan with another couple present.

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The Dangerous Blow Job Dilemma

Sex With A Comedian (It Wasn’t That Funny!)

A little ditty about having sex with an up and coming comedian who made me feel ugly and loved at the same time. Good sex, but I didn’t leave laughing.

The Barely Legal Cock That Made Me Celibate

There once was a gorgeous Irish 18 year old Catholic boy on a bachelor party in London who crossed paths with an experienced 24 year old, sexually insatiable Australian. One cheesy chat up line and they were in bed together but what happened next…?

Release of Erotica Ebook - Amelia Unleashed: Casual Encounters Of A Decadent Kind

Release of Erotica Ebook – Amelia Unleashed: Casual Encounters Of A Decadent Kind

This week has seen the publication of Sorell’s first ebook -
Amelia Unleashed: Casual Encounters Of A Decadent Kind

This is a ‘dark’ publication and falls within the erotica genre. While it is dressed with the label literary erotica, if you do purchase this novel please be aware of what you are letting yourself in for.

Amelia Unleashed Cover

WARNING: This XXX story is intended for ADULT readers 18 years of age or…

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How Old Is Too Old For Sex? Part 2 (Fu*king A Grandfather With A Hip Replacement)